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Fully functional Social Networking App

Get a full feature loaded social networking app ready to onboard users and spur discussions

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Engage users with activity feed

Popular examples of activity feeds are Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. With the sWorks Social app users can see activity feed based on friends he is following, communities he is part of and content freshness. The feed supports video, photos, GIF & text.


Users can share image/video

Users can express themselves by sharing image, video, GIF from their gallery or text. They can also use camera to click photos and videos and share them. Any amount of customisations are possible in the post section 



Users can receive in-app notifications for activities such as like and comments on their posts. They can also receive custom notifications for example when their post cross 100 views or is trending.

Social App All Features

User Login

User can login & authenticate via Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. 

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User can share video, image, text or use camera to click & upload 

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Activity Feed

Activity feed based on user's interest and people they follow

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1-1 Chat interface between users to interact with each other


In-App and push notifications for user activity (like &comment)

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Beautiful user profile which shows user posts & profile info


Ready to get started

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