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Our Vision

To make quality custom professional services and digital transformation easy and affordable for small businesses by reimagining the small business experience and leveraging a unique, rapid, and disruptive approach to solution delivery.

"Mobile apps have revolutionized the way people everywhere do business, and companies of all sizes need them. We make mobile apps exclusively for small business"

The more you can automate tasks, stay organized, and streamline your processes, the more efficient and productive your business will become. Afterall, that is exactly how the most progressive enterprises lead. But for small businesses and startups, getting exactly what you need for your business can feel out of reach… too expensive… too complicated… too risky. 


Founded by a team of successful entrepreneurs, sWorks is committed to solving the small business app-building puzzle. All you need is a vision, and we will deliver your high-quality, beautiful apps at unbelievable prices and speed. We create apps that turn your ideas into a new driving force for your business.

Our Leadership

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Lakshna Jha

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Amit Agrawal

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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Catherine Sugarbroad

Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

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Amol Palkar

Chief Financial


Join Our Team

A company originally inspired by a premiere carpool and bikepool platform, the sWorks team has grown to redefine app development for small businesses across the globe. We pride ourselves on creating a workspace that is engaging, exciting and fast-paced. 


If you are interested in joining this growing team, explore the open positions below.

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sWorks is headquartered in 

Hoboken, New Jersey

Garden St

Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA

We're honored to be part of a portfolio of startups that include:


sRide Carpool & Bikepool

India’s award winning and largest carpooling app


Timbl Broadband Services

India’s largest rural broadband provider