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How to Boost Corporate Partnerships for Your Taxi Business

The boom of technology and the introduction of ride-hailing applications have made life a lot more convenient for the new generation of commuters, especially the ones traveling to the office on a daily basis. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the growth of the taxi industry that was expected to reach $218 billion by 2025 according to research, has been stalled.

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Small taxi businesses can use the current conditions to their advantage, by approaching corporations to enter into partnerships, that can establish a daily and safe commute advantage for their employees and will help the business with a stable source of revenue.

To enable easy collaboration between the company and its employees and to provide an added incentive for employees coming back to a post-Covid workplace, taxi businesses can design custom commute programs for companies. sWorks, with its multiple application customizations, like the use of the business voucher system as a payment method in an app, can aid the businesses in this process.

In the post-pandemic world, the voucher system, when introduced as one of the payment methods, has multiple benefits for taxi businesses. The 3 key benefits include-

1. Corporate Integration and Visibility

Collaborating with corporations can open doors to opportunities and in turn, help expand the taxi business. While providing options tailored to the needs of the companies, taxi businesses have the opportunity to gain scale, have better efficiency and identify cost-effective practices. This, in turn, can help increase brand visibility and future leads in the corporate ecosystem.

2. Loyal Customer Base

In a world barely out of the pandemic, providing a safe ride to work can go a long way in ensuring customer loyalty and increasing the customer lifetime value. It also builds a great brand reputation, increasing authenticity and trust for the brand. This system also helps upsell to regular customers that travel during working hours, to also choose this taxi provider during non-working hours.

3. Regular Revenue Flow

The business voucher model, while ensuring a strong customer base for your taxi business, also helps ensure that large-scale corporate organizations become a B2B stream of revenue. By diversifying the sources of revenue, the risk of loss is also reduced.

While implementing a physical voucher system may not be feasible anymore, a customizable and independent taxi booking app may just be the answer! An efficient application with minimalistic features and a user-friendly UI can provide you with an opportunity to create a brand for yourself and drive your business way ahead of others.

Want to customize payment gateways of your choice into your taxi application to improve business prospects? Get in touch with sWorks today.


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