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Boost Revenue with an App for Your Spa Business

We live in a mobile-first world. Every day, people use their smartphones to communicate, find entertainment and access the products and services they need throughout their day. Whether they’re ordering food, hailing a ride, or planning a trip, it’s almost certainly happening on their mobile devices.

Boost Revenue with an App for Your Spa Business

And it is only going to keep moving in this direction. In a recent study, research showed that 70% of internet users are spending more time on their mobile devices in the post-pandemic world. So if you are a small business offering services to a local audience, you need to adopt a mobile-first mentality if you want to stay competitive and continue to grow. A mobile app could be the perfect solution.

Just how easy is it to build a mobile app for your spa? Learn more here.

Here are our top reasons that you should build an app for your spa:

1. Better Customer Relationships

Establishing strong customer relationships is essential for any business. But it is particularly true for local businesses, given that many of their clients are repeat clients within their area. With your own app, you can implement a rewards program for your spa, allowing you to send custom coupon codes and vouchers to your clients. This incentivizes customer loyalty and boosts business through repeat bookings.

2. Simplified Processes

If you want to create a better customer experience, you need to be more accessible. Mobile apps accomplish this by allowing your clients to browse services, book appointments, and pay for services more easily. Manual bookings and transactions not only take more time for your clients, they also require more from your staff. A mobile app simplifies all of this and creates a seamless experience in maintaining your operations.

3. Increased Revenue

Today’s consumers expect more when it comes to payment options. A mobile app allows you to offer a variety of payment options, including cards, vouchers, and other cash tendering apps. Offering multiple payment options often leads to increased revenue because you allow clients to pay however they see fit. To take things further your app can suggest the preferred payment method of the customer based on their past appointments, subtly creating a better customer experience.

How does offering multiple payment options boost your business? Read more here.

4. Quicker Recall

Brand awareness is another key to small business success. The more your clients use your app to browse services, book appointments, and pay for their visits, the more they will begin to recall your business when they need the services you offer. And quickly they will prefer to interact with your spa via the app.

5. Direct Engagement

Push notifications are a proven method of getting your clients’ attention and provide your spa with a valuable platform to drive marketing communications. Not only do they help you gain more visibility, they give you an opportunity to create more direct engagement with personalized messages. This extra layer of engagement eventually results in a better relationship with customers and also helps tailor content based on their preferences.

Want to get started with your personalized spa app and improve revenue? Get a prototype, tailored to your business, starting at $500. Click here to learn more.


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