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Boost your Taxi Business with sWorks

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Boost your Taxi Business with sWorks
Boost your Taxi Business with sWorks

With the advancement of mobile technology, booking a ride is easier than ever before with the use of one of the many advantages of on-demand taxi businesses is that they are easy to start and they offer a fantastic opportunity for existing businesses to expand. However, with growth comes various challenges that taxi businesses have to endure.

Some of the most common barriers come in the form of allocation of taxis during peak hours, resulting in surge pricing, the availability of good drivers to travel with, and ensuring customer safety during travel. New taxi businesses also face stiff competition from the existing big players in the market due to the established trust and preferences of customers already accustomed to those brands.

According to research by Statista and Uber, the revenue generated from US taxi apps stands at $5.1Bn in the year 2020 which dropped from $14.7Bn in 2019, seeing a 90% drop in rides due to the ongoing pandemic. However, the number of users has seen a steady growth year-on-year in the US with 100mn people using such taxi apps in the year 2020 as compared to 97mn in the year 2019.

Beat your competition. Get a personalized app for your taxi business today. It only takes a click to know-how.

Big brands like Uber and Lyft now dominate the ride-hailing market Hence, it is now imperative to build a personalized taxi app for new entrants in order to differentiate themselves from the existing players and to create their own identity in the process. Having a user-friendly app that caters to a niche, has a different appearance with a simpler payment method, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Here’s why your taxi business should adopt an app:

Ease of booking and real-time tracking - We ensure that one can match drivers automatically in real-time along with a live tracking feature that helps riders and drivers connect.

Online payments and pricing options - Online payments for your rides are now hassle-free with simpler and faster payment gateways. Increase customer satisfaction by providing flexible payment options through their e-wallets, credit cards, or cash.

Driver comfort - Your drivers can now get a better experience by being able to go online and offline based on availability along with the ability to accept or decline customer trips. Real-time direction updates are provided to the drivers based on the customer’s location helping them save time and increase efficiency. Transfer weekly payouts at ease, powered by online payment platforms.

Dispatch console - Manage your business operations by getting a bird's eye view of your taxi fleet from a centralized console at ease. This includes features such as managing bookings over a phone, seeing the real-time location of the drivers and keeping a track of the ride status.

Analytics hub - Use analytics to grow your business and take the next step. Identify KPIs that need your attention at one glance. Get user insights on rides, increase app store reviews along with ratings and testimonials, push remarketing techniques such as offers and services to users to build a brand recall – the possibilities are endless.

However, not all taxi businesses are the same. This is why, at sWorks, we believe in building custom apps based on your business’s specific needs.

If you own a taxi business and want to create differentiation, we’d be happy to build a customized one-stop ride-sharing app to meet all your business needs and goals.


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