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5 Ways to Build Rider Trust in 2021

5 Ways to Build Rider Trust
5 Ways to Build Rider Trust

In the case of the taxi business, building customer trust and satisfaction should always be a top priority in the mobility business, the only way to get your customers to choose you over the competition is by fostering brand loyalty and creating a brand-centric customer community. Customer loyalty is established on three offerings - Reliability, Quality, and Friendliness.

If you are looking to stand out and compete in the pool of ride-hailing apps available today, you need to customize. Offer your customers a custom-built app that integrates quality features, prioritizes customer safety, and helps you transform your rider's experience into one of comfort and friendliness.

According to this report, women prefer ride-hailing apps such as Uber or Lyft, over private taxi services. This is due to the safety features. (i.e. easier grievance redressal, ability to track rides, accountability of reporting drivers). In fact, over 75% of women surveyed preferred to use Uber due to negative experiences with other services, as they still feel it’s a safer alternative. This is why ensuring that your business also has an app with similar features becomes imperative for prioritizing user safety.

Here we discuss the five key ways to set your taxi app apart, from the numerous other businesses in your area:

Track your Ride or Share Your Ride

Give your users the unique advantage of sharing live-ride details with their loved ones with a simple link. Instant activation of the real-time tracking system, usually integrated with Google maps API, helps the riders and their loved ones track taxis' movements. It eliminates confusion and inconvenience and assures a sense of security, especially when many riders are involved.

What can your taxi app look like? Click here to access a demo!

Rider to Driver Block

This feature enables riders/drivers to block a particular co-rider or co-passenger anytime because of any reason like a bad experience, discomfort, safety, etc. Such filtration is backed by a regular rating system and helps avoid any unruly behavior during the ride. Such a block establishes two-way behavioral standards within the taxi ecosystem and fosters mutual respect between the rider and the drivers.

Star Rating System

Valuing both the key stakeholders in the taxi business, this feature provides a 2-way anonymous rating system where after every trip, both the driver and the rider are required to rate each other on a scale of one to five stars based on their trip experience. This helps to flag off any unruly behavior from a driver or rider perspective, after which immediate corrective action can be taken.

Unique Ride Code/OTP

Under the pin verification method, the users will receive a four-digit code when they book a ride to be shared with the driver-partner to start the ride. This ride check feature ensures the correct driver-rider match, an accurate fare calculation and keeps ride checks for long unexpected stops.

Flexibility of Ride

Give your taxi users the free will to choose the cab they want with a seamless cancellation policy. Such flexibility ensures riders don't feel compelled or obligated to hop in a taxi in case of any apprehensions or change of plans. As for the cancellation fines, apps can help establish a specific time frame within which cancellation should come free without any miscommunication.

Interested to integrate these safety features into your taxi app? Get in touch with sWorks Today!


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