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Case Study : sRide Carpool, Bikepool & Ridesharing

Client : sRide Ridesharing, Carpooling & xPool

Location : India/USA

Industry : Travel

Tech : Swift for iOS and Java for Android, Amazon S3 integration, Node.js, Mongo DB


Creating a ridesharing app with support for carpooling, bikepooling and xPool (a new feature) and also social network integrated in the app


sWorks help develop following features for the sRide App

  1. Matching carpoolers and bikepoolers for rides

  2. Matching riders going along same way for xPool

  3. Online payments for ride and also voucher system for repetitive rides

  4. Recurring ride feature for repeat rides (like Office-Home and vice versa)

  5. Tracking for both the riders and car/bike owners

  6. Chat for interacting before fixing the booking

  7. Social feed for users to share image, video and other content


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