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Why 75% of Customers Prefer Texts Over Calls for Appointment Reminders?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The biggest question asked by many entrepreneurs running a spa business has always been 'How to grow my business' and 'How to nurture customer relationships'. It has a long list of solutions, from understanding customer buying journeys or building a good repeat sale model. However, there’s one crucial aspect of winning new customers and getting repeat sales - ease of booking! Whether it was the long queues in waiting or the exasperating customer support music on hold.. booking spa appointments has been tricky due to the nature of services, availability of therapists, and questions about the process of a certain service - whether it’s a Swedish massage or a Thai spa. Over the last few years, people have moved beyond traditional methods, gravitating towards online services for everyday activities. Online booking options have become relevant for a variety of services such as travel, food, and even day-to-day essentials; consumers are now more accustomed to the conveniences of booking at their own pace and leisure. Getting customers shouldn’t be complicated. Click here to know how we can help. Messaging and social media platforms have drastically changed the way we communicate with our close ones. From a daily check-in to sharing life stories and anecdotes, most people now prefer a texting platform as opposed to a phone call. According to a study conducted by OpenMarket, 75% of millennials opt for texting over talking on the phone, thus, most people appreciate the freedom that comes with booking online appointments. With chat becoming a more preferred mode of communications especially while booking appointments, here are 5 key reasons you should incorporate it for your spa business:

1. Simplified Process Making online appointments can become a one-tap game. A client doesn’t have to call, wait and then connect to the spa personnel to book an appointment, they can rather book it without any human interaction. To keep the human integration, an option can also be included to speak to a representative once a booking is done, so they can answer any questions they may have. A chat-based appointment system that’s integrated into the app can also trigger reminders through app-based notifications.

2. Ability to Cross-Sell With the introduction of text-based booking on your spa app, customers can go from browsing to booking your services. For instance, if a customer is looking for a foot spa, a suggestion can automatically pop up that can showcase add-on services, like a full-body massage, aromatherapy, or a pedicure - getting more bookings for spa services and increasing business revenue. Grow your spa business now. Click here to know more

3. 24/7 Booking availability

As customers tend to prefer scheduling appointments during non-business hours, a chat feature can enable 24-hour bookings, which means they can book whenever they’d like, whether it’s early morning or late at night. You’re also boosting sales conversion for your business by being available at all times.

4. Increased personalization

The chat function can also provide increased personalization based on past booking to have chat-based prompts, suggesting timings to users that have booked a particular slot multiple times before, certain spa services as well as any preferred therapist that they may have. It also helps keep an easy record that can be integrated into your spa’s CRM system and build long-term relationships, increasing lifetime customer value and client retention. Need help in getting started with a chat-based appointment booking integration for your spa app? Click here to know more

5. Greater efficiency

Online booking technology and chat features have gained popularity through the pandemic, getting more customers to book spas near them online. By developing a flawless system for booking, managing, and gaining familiarity with customers and their habits, your spa business will have a significant value add. Moreover, an online booking system provides control to book an appointment whenever they’re ready, helping nurture potential spa leads without pressure. This freedom to purchase at their own time increases the likelihood of the final buy.

Ready to grow your business easily?

The easiest way to get increased bookings for your business is to adopt a chat-based appointment system in your spa app, to create an easy experience for your customers. Grow your business online without hiring more resources, by incorporating a chat system to give customers the power to reach out and set appointments. At sWorks, we’ve helped spa businesses grow through the pandemic through the chat-style booking system through their app, an easy-add to your existing app. We can also help you develop your app infrastructure, that can take your business just a tap away from your next customer.

An easy way to grow your business is here. Book a consultation with us today! Share this post if you believe chat is the way forward too!


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