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Grow Your Customer Base with an App for Your Salon Business

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

These days, mobile devices have become an extension of people’s lives. With their devices, they can manage all of their day-to-day tasks including communication with others, finding entertainment, and purchasing goods and services. While local businesses enjoy the support of the community, with higher customer satisfaction and trust, app-based services can also take a big chunk of your business revenue.

Grow Your Customer Base with an App for Your Salon Business

In fact, studies show that 7 in 10 internet users are spending more time using mobile phones compared to pre-pandemic levels. And this behavior is predicted to continue. To remain competitive, it’s imperative that local businesses adopt an app that can help customers in the area easily find them, book appointments, and show their support for their community.

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Here’s how you can grow your customer base with an app for your salon:

1. Improve Customer Relationships

It’s essential to establish a good relationship with your customers, particularly for local businesses given that a lot of them become repeat customers in the area. With a custom app for your salon, you can implement a rewards program, with custom coupon codes or vouchers for your clients, which will build customer loyalty and also boost your business revenue through repeat bookings.

2. Simplified Processes

Mobile apps allow your customers to discover you easily. While phone bookings are still effective, having an app on the home screen of a mobile device, will simplify the booking process for any client, and create a seamless experience for you in maintaining your operations. Additionally, an app also enables you to showcase your services.

3. Increased Revenue

Mobile apps offer users multiple payment options, including cash, card, vouchers, in-app payments, and many other digital formats - leading to a boost in revenue streams as clients pay in whichever way they find convenient. Additionally, with repeat bookings, the app can suggest the preferred payment method of the customer used in their past appointments. All of this can be integrated into a payment system in the backend, offering a technology-driven revenue collection system and eliminating manual effort.

How do multiple payment options help your business? Read the blog here.

4. Quicker Recall

As your clients begin using the app to book appointments, they will have a higher recall of your brand when they’d like to book an appointment, eventually preferring to book on their mobile devices via your app. That said, this change in customer preference can only occur if your salon business has an app - offering clients a seamless experience that matches what’s offered by leaders in the salon industry.

5. Direct Engagement

Give your salon business a valuable platform to drive marketing communications. Notifications help your salon gain visibility, increase bookings, and establish a new channel to share updates or personalized messages. This extra layer of engagement will result in a better client experience and help to tailor content based on their individual preferences.

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