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Growing a Spa Business in 2021: The Essential List

In today’s day and age with stress becoming an inevitable part of everyday life, a little bit of self-love and pampering goes a long way! And what better way to reduce cortisol levels than to book yourself an appointment at a spa, right?

While it may sound therapeutic to a lot of people, it is equally stressful for spa owners to deliver what they promise and create a niche for themselves.

Wondering how to get started? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are the essentials that spa business owners must follow to boost their business!

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As business owners, it is important to keep up with the latest trends and prioritize the comfort of your clients. With digital being the ‘new normal’ customers seek services that are just a click away, having an app for your spa is the solution to all your problems! Here’s why creating a unique app for your spa business, means better revenue and a boost in customer satisfaction:

Builds trust

Having an app not only helps in marketing your business and services but also creates credibility amongst your clients. Customer support, FAQs, reviews, ratings, testimonials, easy access to information about your brand and journey helps in building trust and transparency. You can also showcase the hygiene and cleanliness of your spa which is paramount in the minds of all customers especially in today's day and age.

Streamlined and organized appointments

Having an online appointment booking system improves the customer experience. Pre-booking can help in determining and allocating the internal workload, helping in better time management, and creating a stress-free ‘no waiting’ experience for the clients as well as the staff.

Better integration of services

From sauna to facials, an app will help you integrate your services better, all in one place, allowing your customers to choose their preferred services from a wide range of options that can be easily accessible. This also helps in meeting customers’ impulsive requirements.

Membership and special offers

An app can be a precursor to a frequent visitor or loyalty card, whereby an upfront payment is adjusted in a fixed number of services, ensuring more business and also advance payment. All this can be managed on the app, at a single touchpoint, helping customers keep track of their past bookings, and spa owners keep a track of their preferences.

Push notifications

An app can provide a dynamic push notification system to stay in contact with current and potential target customers by implementing geofencing technology. This also helps the brand to update its customers about special offers and services.

There are infinite benefits that an app for your business will bring to the table so that you can be as relaxed about your business as much as your spa customers!

Want to customize an app for your spa to boost your business? Get in touch with sWorks today.


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