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How to Increase Your Spa & Salon Bookings in 2021

According to a report released by IBIS World, the United States is estimated to have over 23,395 health and wellness spas. Salons and spas generate $44 billion in revenues each year and according to Fortune Business Insights, this is projected to reach $133.28 billion by 2027.

The world is changing rapidly. From groceries to food delivery, from hotel booking to doctor's appointments, everything can be done digitally. Technology is now an integral part of our everyday lives and serves as a backbone for any business’s operations. The salon and spa industry is no exception as demands of transitioning into the online world are higher than ever. Customers want access to a whole range of services at a click of a button and, at their own pace and convenience.

Whether you’re a new business in the beauty industry or an established salon or spa looking to boost your business, adopting a multi-level approach is typically the most effective way to increase profitability.

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From making your presence felt online, easy billings, or introducing an app for your business, here are a few ways to amplify your local salon and spa bookings:

Pre-Booking Appointments

Online, pre-booked appointments serve as wheels that can keep your spa or salon business going. Booking appointments online can streamline the entire process for both your staff and clients. It helps in knowing who’s coming when without the challenge of accommodating too many walk-ins.

A study reveals that 75% of millennials choose to text over calling, thus, with changing times, most people appreciate the freedom that comes with pre-booking appointments. An online scheduling system allows for 24-hour booking, not just during usual facility or office hours, allowing customers to book as and when they please according to their schedule.

Multiple Service Packages

Introducing in-app package deals and additional service suggestions for clients scheduled for just a single service or treatment can be beneficial for business. Most salon or spa visitors will see it as a conscious effort by businesses to win over their loyalty and may end up taking the offer, especially if they feel that they’re saving both time and money.

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Payment Flexibility

Credit, debit, digital, and contactless payments are exponentially faster than cash transactions, which is why they're becoming the preferred way of paying. Thus, it becomes imperative for spa and salon businesses to adapt to new trends to keep up with the likes and wants of their customers by integrating various payment methods into their apps and everyday functioning.

On- App Repeat Services

When customized in the right manner, a salon or spa app can help set yourself apart from local competitors. It can not only encourage new clients to book procedures and treatments but, with personal customizations, it can easily influence your past customers to opt for previously selected or their go-to services. This not only helps save time but also increases revenue flow in the long run for your business.

For your salon or spa to succeed, it is imperative to constantly improve and work on customer service, product offerings, and marketing in order to differentiate yourself from the rest and build your brand identity and promote business.

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