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sWorks: The Why & How

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

An Idea is born in the mind within seconds, but the journey following its birth is always long. It’s not simply the spark that takes hold. It is the cumulative result of past experience and rich thought. However, that is just the beginning. Turning an idea into reality is a far more challenging journey. A winding road that often takes years to travel.

An Idea is Born

sWorks was no different. An idea born in the mind of Lakshna Jha came into existence through the collaboration of her, Amit Agrawal, and Catherine Sugarbroad. It’s not every day you get an idea worth pursuing. Though this idea came from a particular place of collective devotion - empowering small businesses and making their lives easier.

The story of sWorks begins with our predecessor, sRide, a company that provided more than 2 million users a year the ability to affordably commute by allowing car owners to share their available seats and save on fuel cost. It was in the success of sRide that our team realized the power of accessible mobile apps.

The sWorks team witnessed firsthand the ability that a simple app had to make a huge difference in the lives of so many and soon discovered the undervalued potential of such apps for small businesses.

The Problem and Solution

In most cases, the cost of custom mobile application development is not something most small businesses can afford. Even if they try, with increasing features over time, the cost of the application eventually exceeds the budget. And oftentimes when working on a tight budget, custom apps slowly turn into a poorly painted picture of what was originally imagined.

A common solution to application development on a tight budget is hiring a single freelancer. However, most high-quality app development takes teamwork. It’s a big task for one person to take on. When timely delivery and quality are a top priority, the right freelancer for the job is likely going to cost you just as much as an agency.

Our team understood the pain points of the app development process first hand and became determined to create a solution that delivered both quality and affordability. With this in mind, sWorks became a reality.

The Execution

sWorks was ready to disrupt the application development market. Unlike any other application development agency, we are a global service provider with a vision to redefine app development for small businesses by making it more affordable than ever. Additionally, the arduous scope of work that app development usually entails is eliminated by readymade design. The client can visualize, set up custom requirements, and produce a fully functional app in the span of a week.

The Vision of sWorks

We are disrupting the industry with customizable templated application development for small businesses. Our purpose is unique to only serving small businesses and creating a process that is more customer-centric. Small businesses often face challenges scaling up their operations and closing the gap of customer communication. Mobile applications are proven to be a reliable and efficient solution to solve both of these challenges. By making app development affordable and accessible, sWorks is able to help small businesses thrive. That is our ultimate goal.


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