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Taxi Ride Pricing

We currently provide 3 types of ride pricing ability - Point to Point, Hourly and Package Rides.

Point to Point Rides

Point to point rides are calculated based on distance travelled ($ / mile) and time taken to complete the ride ( $/min)

Hourly Rides

Gives ability to book the ride for a set time period (HH:MM). Final price is calculated after the ride ends based on total trip time.

Package Rides

Gives ability to show packages to customers with a flat price attached to it. The final price is unaffected by total trip time or distance travelled.

Note :

1. All the 3 pricing models can be configured for multiple service types i.e point to point pricing can be different for SUV / Sedan / Normal car.

2. Incase of ride cancellation - a flat cancellation fee is supported.


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