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Unravelling the Power of Integrated Marketing Data

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

sWorks' Unique Approach to User Behavior and Marketing Impact

In the digital era, the need for an integrated and comprehensive view of marketing efforts is paramount. At sWorks, we've demonstrated this via a proof of concept (PoC) that combines Google Analytics and Salesforce data. Our innovative approach facilitates an understanding of each marketing channel's contribution towards a conversion, fostering informed decision-making for businesses across sectors.

Our Solution

Integrated Data for Better Insight

We've bridged the gap between Google Analytics and Salesforce, stitching together user behaviour data from both platforms. We have shown that such integration can revolutionise marketing insights, especially for high-ticket items with longer sales cycles. It allows tracking of customer journeys across time and multiple touchpoints, a capability lacking in traditional, siloed data approaches.

The below diagram shows how data is mapped and integrated between different tools, Big Query has been used as a data warehouse and Tableau has a visualisation tool to understand different reports.

The Value Proposition

Informed Decisions and Personalized Strategies

Our solution provides a unified view of marketing efforts and a more accurate attribution model. It enables businesses to understand the impact of each channel over time, leading to more informed investment decisions. This understanding of individual customer behaviours and preferences also paves the way for more targeted and personalised marketing strategies.

With sWorks' unique approach, businesses can illuminate the true value and impact of their marketing channels, making the most of their marketing efforts.


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