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Retargeting 101: Keep Winning the Ones You’ve Won

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

The digital transformation is in full swing. As a result, we are bombarded daily with amazing new things happening in the digital world: The earth-shattering revelations of data, the supremacy of digital marketing, the expanding role of digital media, amazing developments in digital technologies, etc. On and on and on ad nauseum. It is thrilling to witness, sure, but what does it ultimately mean to me? What underlies this digital obsession? Most importantly, how much importance should I place on the digitization of my own business?

The short answer: A lot.

The longer answer: The digital realm is the new go-to medium for business, and easily the cheapest way to reach the largest number of people.

But, chances are, we don’t need to sell you on “going digital.” You already know the benefits of e-commerce. The question instead is, “how deep into the digital space do I need to go?”

Consider this: 49% of consumers visit a website 2-4 times before making a final purchase. They enter your site, consider your offerings, and compare them against competitors before making their ultimate decision. To earn their purchase, you need ways to be unforgettable. It is within these “consideration” moments surrounding a purchase that retargeting comes in.

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Interestingly, 89% of users have either a positive or neutral reaction to retargeting, which gives insight into how difficult the online buying experience can be. There are so many options! So many considerations! How can you possibly decide?! Retargeting works as a welcome and gentle nudge guiding consumers back to your products, then through streamlined purchase processes, eliminating option fatigue and increasing interaction satisfaction.

Here are 4 retargeting strategies you can adopt.

1. Remarketing to App Visitors

General online retargeting is a benefit both to the consumer and the business. Mobile app retargeting ads are believed to be 13x more effective than desktop retargeting ads, touting a 46% higher click-through rate than run-of-the-mill mobile retargeting. Simply changing the nature of engagement creates massive ripple effects for the bottom line. For the consumer, app experiences are easier to navigate than dodgy mobile sites, and they send a signal about the self-belief of the brand. By presenting them with a unique app experience, you gain higher customer esteem leading to greater brand identity, alongside a significant increase in click-through rates. It is a magnificent way to keep valuable users interested, engaged, and retained.

2. Purchase Nudge Pop-Ups

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cart reminders. Different interactions require different types of nudges, but they require those nudges all the same. Remember that there is a horde of competitors beyond the walls of your app or website, and they are vying for the same dollars that you are. Still, you don’t want to seem pushy. It’s a balancing act. Reminders about items in their cart which appear after a designated amount of time is one of the many ways to direct your users toward final purchase decisions – retargeting them to the checkout.

3. Ads Based on Previous Interactions

Part and parcel to this amazing digital world is the impressive personalization available. Nearly every aspect of life can be personalized through digital means. And people love it. Recent research shows that 78% of consumers agree that personalized content from businesses enhances the purchase experience. When taken alongside the generally positive reception to retargeting, we see a basic human truth emerge. People want to feel understood. The more personally resonant your messaging is, the better the impression they have of your brand. This raises conversion rates, and it also increases visibility within your target audience.

4. Time-Sensitive Messaging

The window of opportunity is only open for a short while. While the decision process for a car purchase is longer and more weighted than a decision for a sweater, there are still timelines associated with each. No one will search for the perfect sweater for three months. Eventually, they will make a decision. Time-sensitive messaging impresses urgency upon the consumer to encourage a final purchase decision. By installing your own timeframe in the interaction, you expedite theirs. Limited-time offers are exciting! People don’t want to miss good deals. So, if everything else is in place, you can expect increased conversion through time-sensitive messaging.

Here’s a video showcasing the many features you can include in your own business app

There are tremendous upsides to be found in this explosion of digital transformation. New and exciting ways to attract, retain, and retarget customers, all based around personalized interaction. It is amazing and, best of all, exceedingly accessible.

Feeling more confident about retargeting? We’d love to help expand your digital presence through customized product apps based on your needs and specifications.


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