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Gain Real-Time Actionable Insights on Your Digital Marketing Efforts

About Track Genie

Track Genie was born from the necessity of tracking marketing efforts in a way that doesn’t require a degree in data science or the budget of an enterprise-level organization.

If you are a small business that spends digital advertising dollars and has a small marketing team, then let’s talk, we can help you uncover your customer journey and attribute your marketing spend to your revenue.

Our main goal is to allow business executives to see how their marketing spend improves their bottom line in easy-to-digest dashboards and reports

Product & Features

Features Designed for Marketers

UTM Tracking

Make the most of your UTM parameters

UTM parameters are widely utilized in digital marketing practices to track the clicks coming from email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and organic and paid digital advertising channels.

We use the UTM data collected in your analytics platforms, i.e. Google Analytics, and unsurface your customers’ journey leading them to a sale.

Customer Journey Insights

Get a detailed breakdown of the paths your customers take.

In a simple report, you can get insights into which campaigns, web pages, and other touch points lead to revenue generation, in real-time, and attribute your marketing dollars to the right campaigns.

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Campaign Optimization and Real-Time  Analytics

Use actionable insights to refine your strategies for better ROI. Make informed decisions with near-real-time data.

Use the insights you gain to inform your digital advertising and content-building strategy.


Real-time* reporting gives you the flexibility to make fast decisions with your campaigns, allowing you move your marketing dollars from underperforming campaigns to high-performing or new experimental campaigns.

How it Works

Simplifying Customer Journey Analysis

The majority of our clients utilize UTM parameters and Google Analytics. 


We connect your systems like website traffic analytics tool with your CRM or CDP.


We create easy-to-digest reports and dashboards for your teams to monitor campaign health.

Send us a message and we will get back to you shortly!

Contact Us


We are here to answer any questions you may have about Track Genie services.

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